When I coach single women they often tell me their biggest challenge is finding good men. They want to know if I will teach them how to find good men. I tell them I will teach them how to identify the exact type of man who is ideal for them, in addition I show them how to recognize that type of man, and where to find them. (see link below)

But, I also tell them a type of miracle will happen. The miracle is that as they become more emotionally healthy, gain confidence, and acknowledge their own beauty, the right type of men will simply start showing up!

It’s because their own energy changes. Our energy (emotional, mental, physical) emits a constant frequency, a vibration and like a magnet, it attracts similar energy vibrations.

Recently, I’ve been reading a book, Frequency by Penny Pierce. It isn’t just a woo-woo book about “vibes.” It’s actually about all the new discoveries Quantum Physics has found concerning the MANY types of frequencies surrounding us at all times. I’ve heard that we are electrical beings, and that we are not static, but rather in constant motion, as is every cell in our body.

This book explains some of the science behind The Law of Attraction. I was fascinated to read about how our emotions (happy vs sad) affect our body’s frequency. To a great extent, we can make choices about our own personal frequency. Here is a simple example…if you are sitting at a Starbucks with your latte, and you’re feeling sad, depressed, and isolated from the world, your frequency is low, and it’s unlikely to attract others.

“You have the power to change your frequency.”

If, on the other hand, you want to raise your frequency, you can do so by making a conscious decision. Start thinking about blessings in your life, the sweet taste of the latte, the ability to go to a Starbucks, the fact you have money to pay for this little luxury, etc. You can also raise your frequency with a simple meditation about observing your breath going in and out on a count of 8, which will slow and deepen it.

As you relax and think happier thoughts, your facial expression will automatically change, and you will be more attractive to others.

I’ve heard it said that to attract the type of partner we want, we should focus on becoming the type of person they would want for a partner. In other words, raise your frequency.

Are there some ways you’d like to change or improve? As you improve yourself, it will automatically increase your frequency and attract a better quality of people to you. Plus, you’ll be happier with yourself…which will increase your frequency…etc, etc.

Here’s a link to my “Learn the Secrets for Finding Good Men” online program.

It’s fun and easy with 3 simple steps:
1 – Identify the exact type of man that’s right for you
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You no longer have to endure online dating, in the hope of finally finding the type of man you want. No more “swipe right or swipe left.” Instead, you will find it fun and easy to quickly sort through the multiple men in the world, and focus on just what YOU want!

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With this knowledge you’ll feel more confident and peaceful, which automatically raises your frequency and makes you more attractive!

It’s the “secret” you’ve been looking for!

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