Imagine for a minute that you are a Hollywood star. The news media makes their money by taking pictures and writing stories about you. When you buy groceries, you see pictures of yourself on the cover of magazines. You are constantly in the press!

Some of the pictures and stories are flattering, but some of them are not. Some of the stories are true, but some of them are not. If you anxiously read all the stories, you could become upset, angry, and frustrated. You may start feeling there is no one you can trust. You might start hiding from the world.

I’m guessing that you can easily see those stories have more to do with the motivations of the media (making money) than they are actually about the Hollywood stars themselves.

But the same is true about you! The people around you (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, even strangers) have their own reasons for observing (and judging) your behavior. Unless you’re famous, it’s probably not about making money.

But, they may negatively judge your behavior because they’re trying to make themselves feel better by comparison. Or maybe they are jealous. Perhaps they are simply grumpy. Or maybe they’re just misinformed about what’s really going on in your life. They don’t really know your heart and mind. They don’t know how hard you are trying to move forward and succeed.

Bottom line, their observations are based on the color of the lens in the glasses THEY are wearing. It’s a very rare person who can see others clearly. And, it’s my observation that when people see us clearly and truly understand our hearts, then they feel empathy, and want to give support rather than criticism.

Do you remember that old concept about when someone points a finger at you, they have three fingers pointing back at themselves? It’s true!

So if someone sends some negativity your way, ask yourself, “What’s motivating their behavior?” And, if you didn’t ask for their feedback, then they have crossed a boundary and are in your space. So you might gently remind them, “I’ll let you know when I want some feedback.”

“Healthy boundaries define your space.”

Don’t let other people’s thoughts about you cause you to back away from the path your heart says is right for you!

If you’re having challenges to set healthy boundaries that support and protect yourself, then maybe you could use a little support from me.

I have a program specifically to help you learn how to set and manage your boundaries.

It will give you clarity about what space belongs to you and when someone else have trespassed into your space.

And you will learn some strategies for setting consequences to cause trespassers to back off.

That’s a LOT of valuable information, but the program is only $97.

It’s an online program, so it’s conveniently available for you anytime, day or night, with unlimited repeat access.

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To Your Relationship Mastery,

Angeline & Dixon

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