Tired of football games,
nine whooping guys,
spilled salsa and chips,
chicken wing stains on your sofa,
and the new love of your life
didn’t lift a finger to help clean up?

Stacked dishes,
dogs racing through the house,
crumpled beer cans
that missed the garbage,
and you never liked football to begin with.

Do you feel overlooked, taken for granted,
as you clean the mess by yourself?

Are situations like this familiar
in your relationships with men?
If they are,
the good news is,
you CAN change all that.

Tune in to a new vision of who you are
and what you want.
Experience an empowering shift
in your relationship with yourself
and with the men in your life.

It’s all about boundaries.
You CAN learn to set and manage them.
It’s called self-worth.
And yes, you are worth it girl!
It’s up to YOU to make a choice,
take a stand, and invest in yourself!

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