Is compatibility the key to Happy Relationships?

The concept of compatibility (matching interests) is used by most online dating websites, to find an ideal partner.

This assumption, of compatibility as the relationship key, is also used by most matchmakers.

They attempt to match interests, religion, height, hobbies, culture, and age, etc.

There is no doubt that finding common interests is usually the first step when people are getting acquainted.

We all do it automatically. We look for people who are “similar” to us.

Initially, compatibility of interests can make it easier to start building a friendship.

Having a similar background certainly makes it easier to understand one another.

But, these similarities are not what make a relationship work.

I’m sure you know people who married on the basis of compatibility, but they aren’t happy.

In fact, there is a familiar statement that says, “Opposites attract.”

Having different interests and hobbies can make for a richer relationship.

For example, a woman who is passionate about race cars may introduce Nascar to a man who is fascinated by Greek and Roman history.

Through their combined differences, they can both expand their vew of the world.

However, appreciating differences doesn’t ensure relationship success either.

So, if it’s not about shared or opposing interests, what is the key that determines relationship happiness?

According to John Gottman, internationally renowned psychologist and author, the success of a relationship is simply based on how a couple treats each other.

Well dang! …that makes alot of sense…and it’s so simple.

Simple, yes perhaps, but simple doesn’t mean easy.

We’ve heard about the Golden Rule for thousands of years.

We know we should treat others with the kindness, patience and understanding we hope they show toward us.

But, if you’re like most people, you get hurt, angry, critical, and defensive with those you love.

There is no question this negativity will corrode any relationship!

You CAN LEARN the techniques for overcoming negativity and building long-term loving relationships!

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To Your Relationship Mastery,

Angeline & Dixon

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