My best friend was really frustrated!

She said, “I’ve been dating a LOT, but I can’t find any good men!”

Personally, I could always find good men to date,

and other women had asked me for help, so, I said I’d help her. This was years ago, before I got married.

My friend and I went to a Singles Bar, back when people used to smoke and there were plenty of men and women sitting and standing in the dimly lit room.

I suggested she look around and point out a man she felt attracted toward.

She peered through the smoky room and pointed to a man about 20 feet away. I literally jerked backward and said, “but I can see he’s trouble from here!”

She leaned forward to get a better look, and said, “but what do you see?”

It was at this point that I understood other women don’t know how to recognize different types of men.

I started trying to describe how to recognize a good man.

“He needs to be comfortable in his own skin, not uptight, or insecure.

Other people around him should feel comfortable too, not judged.

He should be masculine, but not one of those macho, bragging types.”

“Now,” I said, “look around the room to find an attractive man with these qualities.”

“Oh,” she said, “well that makes a difference.”

Then she looked slowly around the room and picked out three different men.

As I watched her, an image crossed my mind, of a Gorilla walking through the jungle.

Since then, I have learned that when I tell a woman to look for good men, like Matt Damon, she will literally try to find men that LOOK like Matt Damon.

But when I suggest women look for a man like a Gorilla; strong but gentle, focused on caring for his tribe, etc, she is able to look for those QUALITIES in her search for good men.

This was the origination of my unique Gorilla Love system for relationship coaching.

I have discovered 12 different types of men, based on what motivates them, or what makes them feel successful about themselves. In other words, their values.

I gave each type an animal name: Wolf, Shark, Panda, Rhino, etc. Take the test below.

To Your Relationship Mastery,

Angeline & Dixon

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