“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

This quote has been attributed to many different people, from Buddha to Nelson Mandela.

But regardless of who said it, holding onto bitterness and resentment will corrode your insides.

So…WHY do we hang onto the resentment and refuse to forgive?

Many people hold onto the anger as a way to avoid allowing someone to hurt them again.

And there is some wisdom in this.

We need to be really aware when someone has hurt or betrayed us.

We need to avoid allowing it to happen again.

But…here’s the problem…

When we hold anger and resentment, it flavors our WHOLE being.

It’s not just held in some separate compartment.

It permeates our whole attitude toward future relationships.

When we meet someone new, we are already armored and ready to fight.

Which tends to drive away potential partners.

Yes, it’s true we need to be awake and aware…

but, how do we balance the awareness and still stay open?

Here’s the trick: “Forgive, but don’t Forget.”

You need to remember the situation, so that you will recognize Red Flags and don’t allow a repeat.

But, at the same time, you can let it go and forgive the other person.

And forgive yourself!

Have compassion for BOTH of you, and your “stupid” human nature.

We all make mistakes. Even mistakes that hurt others.

We can’t undo the past.

But we can choose a smarter future.

So, be nice to yourself, by forgiving the past.

And open your heart to a better tomorrow.

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To Your Relationship Mastery,

Angeline & Dixon

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