Does it mean he doesn’t love you if…. he didn’t give you the gift you wanted?

Maybe your man got the wrong size, wrong color, or even the wrong item.

Maybe you tried to help him by leaving little hints.

Like leaving a magazine open to a picture of your favorite perfume?

Or maybe, you mentioned that your favorite band is coming to town (and you’re hinting to get concert tickets)?

Perhaps you even tried to tempt him by saying you could cook a great pot roast if you had a Le Creuset pan?

With those hints, if he doesn’t get the right gift, you KNOW it’s not true love, right?

But, is he good at receiving and interpreting little hints?

Some men simply don’t have the listening-for-hints skill.

Or, did you tell yourself, “He shouldn’t need hints, because if he REALLY loved me, he’d KNOW what I want!”

Sometimes we want to believe in a fantasy that “love” means he can read your mind.

A lot of romantic movies and novels promote this idea.

They look at gifts from the female point of view.

But what about his perspective?

Maybe he feels overwhelmed at the task of finding that magical present that will make you jump for joy?

Maybe he’s not really a Gift Giver?

Maybe his Love Language is Acts of Service?

It’s even possible he’s not into Christmas.

But, does that mean he doesn’t LOVE you?

What does gift-giving mean to him?

Rather than assuming you know what he meant with the gift, be gently curious about his intentions.

You might even ask him to tell you the story about him buying this gift for you.

Now that Christmas is past, you could have a gentle discussion (without criticism or blame) about what an Ideal Christmas would be like for each of you.

I suggest you be open and authentic (yes, that includes being vulnerable, too).

You could share some of your childhood Christmas experiences, the good and the bad.

Let him know what Christmas and gifts mean to you and be curious about what they mean to him.

Does he have positive memories of Christmas or were they negative experiences?

For future gift opportunities, ask him if he prefers to receive a list of gift ideas, from which he can choose something to surprise you.

Or ask him if he prefers to shop with you.

Whatever the two of you decide, be sure to look past the gift…to the giver and HIS intentions.

To your love mastery,


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