Today’s message is a bit woo-woo, so if you’re not into that, you may want to skip this, and catch up next week.

But, if you like learning about meta-physical and spiritual energies, I bet you’ll like this message.

Personally, I’ve been going through some challenges lately.

But, last night I dreamed my father, who passed away several years ago, came to help me.

In the dream he had a big back-pack of supplies and was also carrying a tent, which he set up as a place for me and my child to stay.

He set out sleeping bags for us, too.

The camp he created was beside a gently flowing river.

I awoke with a feeling of comfort and reassurance, a feeling that I was being cared for.

I have some experience with Dream Interpretation, so I’m going to share what I think this dream meant.

To me, it seems pretty clear, but I’ll give you several pointers.

Then I’m going to share with you my beliefs about “Helpful Spirits.”

First, in the dream, my Father represents someone who is powerful and able to help me.

Second, he brought “supplies” and a tent, therefore his offer of help was fully prepared, not just an empty promise.

Third, he specifically was caring for my child, which I’m sure represents my “inner child” who was feeling in need of help from a stronger person.

Fourth, the “gently flowing river” represents abundance.

Based on simple Dream Interpretation, this dream would bring a feeling of reassurance to anyone.

Now, I hope the next things I’m going to say are not too woo-woo for you.

But, it happens that I believe my Father is still alive in the Spirit world, and that he literally came to visit me.

I believe that my Father and I are bonded through love and that our connection is eternal.

In fact, I honestly believe we ALL have bonds of connection to those who have passed on before us.

But, more important, I believe that those people are actively engaged in trying to help guide us into paths of happiness.

The reason I am sharing my Spirit Dream with you, is in hopes that you will become aware of the Spirit support that is there for you, too.

So that you can recognize your own Spirit Dreams, I’m going to explain my beliefs about how to recognize the 3 types of dreams.

You can usually recognize Spirit Dreams, because they are characterized by a pleasant feeling of comfort and reassurance.

Second, there are Freudian Dreams, in which we try to process the emotional stresses of our lives.

You can differentiate them from Spirit Dreams because these dreams usually carry a feeling of worry and fear.

I call the third type Pizza Dreams, which dreams are simply the result of overeating, or being on some type of medication.

You can recognize them because they usually feel chaotic and disconnected.

Whenever you have a Spirit Dream, I encourage you to record it in a Journal, so that you can remember it later.

Looking back over these “records of support” can help ease you though your challenging times.

I truly believe there are many “Helpful Spirits” who want to support you!

With love to you,

Angeline & Dixon

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