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An Adorable Valentine Card That Will Make You Swoon

Every year my daughter, Jillena, creates a new Valentine, from an annual photo shoot with her daughter. Each year she chooses a picture from the photo shoot to create a unique Valentine card. The picture above is my daughter Jillena and her daughter, Starlee, from their 2017 Valentine. Jillena sends her Valentines to over 200 […]

Procrastination is Easy

Procrastination is SO easy, especially if I combine it with finding other stuff to keep me busy, rather than doing the important (but tough) stuff I need to do. That way I can delude myself into thinking my time was well spent. Sometimes I fib to myself and say, “I’m too busy to get it […]

Gratitude for Miracles

This may sound like Pollyanna, but research studies have shown that the fastest way to go from feeling unhappy to feeling happier, is to acknowledge good things in your life. Count your blessings (yes, you do have some!). And some people call them miracles. It’s an internal shift from seeing the “half empty glass” to […]