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Over 40? Give Up Looking for a Good Man

Over 40? You might as well stop looking for a man!  Because the good ones are already taken, and relationships are too much work, plus, the men your age are set in their ways. Besides, you’ve already lost your sexy and youthful looks.  Are those the things you tell yourself and yet…you still yearn for […]

My Mom thought I was CRAZY!

When I told my Mom that I wanted to divorce my husband of 20 years, she said, “Are you crazy!?!” “Why would you leave a man who doesn’t beat you, isn’t an alcoholic, doesn’t gamble away his paycheck, or cheat on you?” Maybe you think I’m crazy too, because your relationship was worse than mine, […]

The Right Way to Shop for A Man!

Are you shopping for a Man… like shopping for a car? Recently I was thinking about replacing my Lexus, with my dream car. I went to a couple of my favorite dealerships: Lexus and Mercedes. I knew exactly what I wanted for my dream car. It’s a short list: A 4-seat hybrid convertible, with air […]

Do you know the SMART way to RECEIVE a gift?

Yesterday I was chatting with the cashier as I left Loews. I asked if he was ready for Christmas and he said, “yes.” “Really,” I said, “you’ve done ALL your shopping?” “Yeah,” he said, “I just get everybody gift cards.” “Well, that’s no fun,” I said with a smile. He looked in my eyes and […]

What are your RULES for dating?

You are probably aware there is a book about the RULES of dating. Actually there are many books about the rules of dating. They usually include suggestions such as, “when he rings the doorbell, wait a few minutes before answering, so he doesn’t think you’re anxious.” Or, “be passive (feminine) and let him lead (masculine).” […]