Red Flags are early signs your relationship might not work.

Do you say these things to yourself?

He’s nice, but he ignores or dismisses what I say…Oh well, he’s just got a lot on his mind.

He criticizes the way I look… but I’m sure he just wants me to dress better, so I’ll feel good about myself.

I’m frustrated with his broken commitments…but I understand, because he always tells me good reasons, and I want to support him.

He exaggerates his accomplishments when we’re out with other couples…but little white lies never hurt anyone, right?

He makes unkind critical remarks about nearly everyone we know…but nobody’s perfect and he has so many other good qualities.

He get’s defensive with me all the time…but, he’s often right. At least, he says he is.

He hasn’t found time to talk about a problem we’re having…but all men have a hard time talking about feelings, right?

He told me all the texts he gets from his friend, Susan at work, are harmless and part of the job…but I’m sure he’s just a hard worker, so I trust what he’s telling me.

He borrowed money from my brother and hasn’t paid him back…but he’s been under a lot of pressure at work lately, so I told my brother not to worry.

Ever catch yourself thinking thoughts…and making excuses, like those above?

Oprah says, “When someone shows you who they are,

believe them the first time.

I know all men are imperfect partners, because we’re human, but when is enough…too much?

Are you making too many excuses for a man who never seems to make the grade?

A man you aren’t even sure you like anymore?

Time to step up, girlfriend. Things CAN be better!

All the above are BOUNDARY issues, Red Flags and…potential Deal Breakers.

Either you need help to set and maintain healthier boundaries, or you need clarity about when to let go.

We can help!

Book a Relationship Clarity Call now!

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